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Wed, Sep 23.20

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THE ACTS OF US: 30 - Eager to Preach, Eager to Hear

Acts 17:1-15; Various


The ACTS of US: 30- Eager To Preach, Eager To Hear

Text: Acts 17:1-15; Various

Date: 08-16-2020 Beaver Creek Christian Church

There are people trying to turn the world upside-down through politics, protest, violence, and destruction. But Paul and Silas were actually accused of turning the world upside-down (Ac 17:6). They did this through proclaiming Christ, reasoning, and persuading people that Jesus is the promised Messiah (Acts 17:1-15). I believe that like Paul, we need to be eager to proclaim, explain, and persuade for the time is short. And our audience needs to be like the noble Bereans and be eager to listen.

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