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Mon, Sep 28.20

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THE ACTS OF US: 29 - Just Sing!

Acts 16:16-40; Various


The ACTS of US: 29- Just Sing!

Text: Acts 16:16-40; Various

Date: 08-09-2020 Beaver Creek Christian Church

There is something powerful about music and song. Music and song is a great way to worship and praise God. Music and praise go together in the Bible (Ps 95:1; Ep 5:18-20; He 2:12; Ps 22:22). The easiest and shortest way to get to the heart of God and get victory over any situation and circumstance, no matter how big, is through acceptable praise. It is a guarantee for victory and a mighty tool in the hand of every believer. Paul and Silas teach us a good lesson in handling bad situations and circumstances with praise and prayer. Just Sing!

DON'T FORGET TO DOWNLOAD THE WORSHIP LYRIC SHEET SO YOU CAN KNOW THE WORDS TO THE SONGS. Download your copy of the worship order with lyrics, sermon notes, and announcements by going to the download file button at the top of this post.

We will try to have this service posted Sunday after services. We have been having some trouble with FB about embedding the program. You can always follow the link below to watch the service on FACEBOOK after the service or during.


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