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Wed, Jan 27.21

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THE ACTS OF US: 24 - The Gospel Perspective

Acts 13:42-52; Various


The ACTS of US: 24- The Gospel Perspective

Text: Acts 13:42-52; Various

Date: 07-12-2020 Beaver Creek Christian Church

Our perspective is very important to us. Perspective is how we see the world, our own reality. Everything we do or say is a result of our perspective. It can protect us and motivate us. But our perspective should always be in line with God’s viewpoint. In the sermon last, Paul preached a powerful message on the realization of long awaited Davidic hope. But the perspective of the listeners determined whether they accepted or reject the message. Today we will see how perspective changes things and how we should look at things from God’s point of view… The Gospel Perspective.

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