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THE ACTS OF US: 26 - Conflict Management

Acts 15:1-35


The ACTS of US: 26- Conflict Management

Text: Acts 15:1-35; Various

Date: 07-19-2020 Beaver Creek Christian Church

Unity is a good thing...but the world seems a little devoid of that right now. We know that believers in the church are supposed to be unified because the Bible tells us so (1 Co 1:10; Ga 3:28; Ph 2:1-3; etc.). But showing unity is easier said than done. In Acts 15, the church faces sharp conflict but the Jerusalem Council overcame it (Ac 15:1-12). There are three principles that I think can help us in every conflict.

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07/18/20/ Preacher/ Worship/

THE ACTS OF US: 25 - The Missions Precedent / Share with Joy

Acts 14:1-28; Various


The ACTS of US: 25- The Missions Precedent Text: Acts 14:1-28; Various

Date: 07-12-2020 Beaver Creek Christian Church

There is excitement in sharing the gospel message of Jesus Christ. Paul and Barnabas were on the first mission journey cutting new ground with the good news message of Jesus Christ. Their visit to Pisidian Antioch may not have been successful in the eyes of some but Paul and Barnabas were filled with joy because there were many who received the gospel message and accepted Jesus. We too can share the gospel message of Jesus Christ with excitement and enthusiasm. In this chapter Paul and Barnabas give us three important presidents for sharing the gospel message.

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Jul 11, 20/ Preacher/ Worship/

THE ACTS OF US: 24 - The Gospel Perspective

Acts 13:42-52; Various


The ACTS of US: 24- The Gospel Perspective

Text: Acts 13:42-52; Various

Date: 07-12-2020 Beaver Creek Christian Church

Our perspective is very important to us. Perspective is how we see the world, our own reality. Everything we do or say is a result of our perspective. It can protect us and motivate us. But our perspective should always be in line with God’s viewpoint. In the sermon last, Paul preached a powerful message on the realization of long awaited Davidic hope. But the perspective of the listeners determined whether they accepted or reject the message. Today we will see how perspective changes things and how we should look at things from God’s point of view… The Gospel Perspective.

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Jul 4, 20/ Preacher/ Worship/

THE ACTS OF US: 23 - The Gospel According To Paul

Acts 13:13-41; Various


The ACTS of US: 23- The Gospel According To Paul Text: Acts 13:13-41; Various

Date: 06-28-2020 Beaver Creek Christian Church

When a preacher delivers a sermon it is an important and vital message from God. The preacher hopes that message is received and acted on by those who hear it. Paul preaches a powerful sermon in Pisidian Antioch in Acts 13:13-41. The message is about the fulfillment of the Davidic Hope of the long-awaited Messiah. Paul’s message is vitally important because Jesus is the Messiah, the Anointed One. Salvation is in Him alone.

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Jun 27, 20/ Preacher/ Worship/

THE ACTS OF US: 22 - A Great Start

Acts 13:1-12; Various


The ACTS of US: 22- A Great Start

Text: Acts 13:1-12; Various

Date: 06-21-2020 Beaver Creek Christian Church

Jesus has called us to be witnesses sharing the good news globally. In Acts 13, phase 3 of the Master’s plan of evangelism comes as Barnabas and Saul (Paul) are called out for the mission (Acts 13:1-12). The first mission trip gets off to a great start. Let’s look into the passage and see what we can glean to help us be successful witnesses for Jesus across the globe.

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Jun 20, 20/ PREACHER/ Worship/

THE ACTS OF US: 21 - The Unstoppable Gospel

Acts 12:1-25



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Date: 06-14-2020

Beaver Creek Christian Church

Our society seems to be in upheaval today. There are those who are even trying to stand in the way of the gospel message and the church. But our message today makes it clear that God is the Almighty God (El Shaddai, El Gibber). Herod Agrippa tried and failed to stop the message and failed to stop the gospel message (Ac 12:1-25). But there is no force that can stop, or cancel, the spread of His gospel message according to His purpose.

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Jun 13, 20/ Preacher/ Worship/

THE ACTS OF US: 20 - How Far Is Too Far?

Acts 11:1-30

Text: Acts 11:1-30; Various

Date: 06-07-2020

Beaver Creek Christian Church

How far is too far? As witnesses, we are called to take the good news message to all people, everywhere. In Acts 11 we see some of the believers in the Jerusalem Church who think that Peter went “too far.” Even today there are well-intending Christians who think that anyone who step out on faith to do something extraordinary is a religious fanatic. We should never be afraid to follow the Lord’s lead in carrying the good news message to everyone. (Acts 11:1-30).

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Jun 6, 20/ Preacher/ Worship/

THE ACTS OF US: 19 - Everyone's Welcome

Acts 10:1-7; 24-48

Date: 05-31-2020

Beaver Creek Christian Church

Do you feel welcome at church? We often go out of our way to try to make people feel welcome. We want them to have an enjoyable experience that will cause them to want to come back. Today we are going to look into the story of Cornelius and his household and see how the Gentiles were welcomed into the church and how we should be doing evangelism and missions today (Acts 10:1-7; 24-48).

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May 30, 20/ Preacher/ Worship/


Text: John 11:40; Pr 3:5-6; Various

Date: 05-24-2020

Beaver Creek Christian Church

We are always told to have faith and to trust God. In certain situations, that is easier said than done... like right now in the midst of the Coronavirsus outbreak. We sometimes think things will be easier if we take it into our own hands. Nobody ever said having faith would be easy, but it will be worth it and here is why (John 11:40).

May 23, 20/ Preacher/ Worship/

THE ACTS OF US: 18 - "That's Just The Way I Am!"

Acts 10:1-23

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The ACTS of US: 18- That’s Just The Way I Am

Text: Acts 10:1-23; Romans 12:1-2; Various

Date: 05-17-2020 Beaver Creek Christian Church

Have you ever heard someone says, “It’s just the way I am?” Truth of the matter is that we all use this type of saying when we don’t want to change. But it’s time we allowed God to change the way we think, act, and live. We need to be transformed (Ro 12:2). In our study today, God transforms Peter’s perspective before sending him to evangelize Cornelius’ household (Acts 10:1-23). The truth is that we all need a transformation of our perspective to be effective witnesses for Jesus Christ in the world today.

May 16, 20/ Preacher/ Worship/


Acts 9:32-43

The ACTS of US: 17- Beautiful Disciple

Text: Acts 9:32-43; Various

Date: 05-10-2020 Beaver Creek Christian Church

In Acts 9, After the conversion of Saul, the focus swings back to Peter who is ministering in Lydda and Joppa. Peter was called to Joppa because a female disciple had died. This is the story of Tabatha, the “beautiful disciple” of Jesus. We all should inspire to be like her (Ac 9:32-43).

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May 9, 20/ Preacher/ Worship/