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Fire From Above! Revive Us Again!

The Revival at BCCC was fantastic. Our thanks goes out to all the musical talent, our guest speaker, Pete Kunkle, and all those who participated and attended. You helped make revival happen.

But revival doesn't have to end just because the program is over. Revival happens in our hearts daily as we allow the Lord to rekindle our soul with fire from above.

Already there is talk of starting some prayer and outreach groups. We are looking at meeting at David and Kim Hodgson house at 7:00 p.m. on Tuesday, September 16th. Come and discuss what we can do to share the message of Jesus Christ with others through helping others.

Ric put together a video of the Norris Family for your enjoyment. Follow the link below to check it out. (Thanks Ric!)

If you enjoyed our revival than whenever you see one of our people, at the store, school, work, or even at church, say, "Fire From Above". And that person should respond, "Revive Us Again!"

I hope you had as an enjoyable revival experience as I did. God bless you.

Norris Family Revival Video

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Benevolence Assistance Request Helping those in need

Benevolence Assistance Request

Helping those in need

The Benevolence Team would like to let all members know that assistance is available for those who are in need. We believe that no one should go hungry or without lights and heat. There are several organizations in Ashe County that can assist anyone who is in need. However, members of Beaver Creek Christian Church are also encouraged to let your need be know to our Benevolence Team and we will assist where we are able.

For those who are members contact Dwight Owens, Loren Lung or any other member of the team.

For those who are not members of Beaver Creek Christian Church you are encouraged to right click on the form and print it off, fill it out and return it to the church for consideration of assistance available.

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Assistance Request (pdf 73.1 Kb)

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