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Shining Like Stars With A Christ-like Attitude Philippians 2

Shining Like Stars With A Christ-like Attitude

Philippians 2

Due to the weather we wanted to put on the website the bulletin insert with sermon notes and Bible reading as well as a link to listening to the sermon. If you are unable to make it church we hope that you will join us on the internet, download the sermon notes, and listen to the sermon podcast.

If you are planning on coming to church on January 8th we ask that you take extra care and precautions in driving. Wear warm clothing, gloves, coat, and hat just in case you have to get out of the car in an emergency. Drive safely and with caution. We are praying for your safety.

Sermon Podcast: Beaver Creek Christian Church

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Worship With Us!

Worship With Us!

We would like to invite you to worship with us. Church starts at 11:00 a.m. and we would love for you to join us.

Sermon Podcast From Prior Sunday Services

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Norris Family at Our Revival

Just a sample

A few seconds, taken with an iPad and composed in iMovie 😎

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