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COVID-19 Coronavirus Update

BEAVER CREEK CHRISTIAN CHURCH is now open for worship services. We will also be continuing our services in the parking lot for those who do not wish to come in (FM 96.7) and we will be continuing to post all services via FACEBOOK LIVE and our website.

Safety for our congregation and guest is our priority. We are encouraging social distancing in the hallways and sanctuary. You may wish to wear gloves and mask inside but this is not mandatory. We want to provide as safe a condition for worship as possible without throwing out all of the freedoms we enjoy in worship.

The communion and offering will be different. The trays will not be passed at all. Communion Emblems will be offered with individual juice and bread cups. There will be some soft music playing during the communion time and you can come up and take communion at the table a few at a time while observing social distancing. The empty cups can be put into a basket which will also be at the table. An offering box will be placed at the back of the auditorium so that you may place your offering on the way in or on the way out.

Hand Sanitizer and facial tissues will be available as always.

Our indoor services will be limited to the 11:00am worship service until further notice. There will be no fellowship meals for immediate future. We also will be postponing VBS to a later date. As the conditions in our area improve we will begin to add back some of our other programs.You are welcome to come and join us for worship if you feel comfortable in doing so. If not, that is okay. The one thing we want you to understand is that there is no judgment about what you do either way. You must do what is best for you and your family.

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