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The Position of the Christian Churches

The Position of the Christian Churches

This congregation of the Beaver Creek Christian Church is striving to overcome the denominational confusion that exists today. We have no denominational headquarters, and we wear no denominational name. Our desire is to wear only the name of Christ, to proclaim only His Gospel, and to declare our loyalty to Him. Christ prayed for the unity of His followers, and this unity is possible if Christ is followed. His example must become our pattern of life, His Gospel our message, His commands our all in all as we seek to glorify God, the Father, who gave His only begotten Son for us.

Our claim is certainly not to be the only Christians, but our attempt is to be Christians only, for Christ and His Word are sufficient for all our needs.

If you would like more information about the Beaver Creek Christian Church, or becoming a Christian, please contact the Preacher or one of the Elders.

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