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Tue, Jan 19.21

  Beaver Creek Christian Church : A nondenominational fellowship of believers in Ashe County, West Jefferson, NC Children's Ministry: Youth and Children


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LAMB'S TIME ONLINE -10-25-2020

Jesus Raises The Widow's Son - Luke 7:11-17

Jesus Has Given Us A Gift. He has given us the gift of life, abundant life, and eternal life. We can rejoice and be glad because Jesus has the power to give and restore life.

Song: He Has Made Me Glad / This Is The Day

Memory Verse: John 10:10

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LAMB'S TIME ONLINE -10-18-2020

Jesus Fed 5,000 People

Today we are going to talk about the compassion that Jesus has for others. Jesus had compassion on the sick and healed them. He also had compassion on those who were hungry. Jesus fed 5000 people with just 2 fish and 5 loaves. Since Jesus had compassion on others, we should follow his example and have compassion too.

Memory Verse: Mark 6:34

Song: The Joy of the Lord Is My Strength


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LAMB'S TIME ONLINE -10-11-2020

We Can Trust God to Heal - Matthew 8:1-17

Sometimes we get sick or injured. It can be very scary. But God foretold Isaiah that the Messiah would come with the power of God to heal illnesses and diseases. We can trust God to heal. We can pray for those who are sick.

Matthew 8:17 -This was to fulfill what was spoken through the prophet Isaiah:

β€œHe took up our infirmities

and bore our diseases.”

Our Song Today is "Give Me Oil In My Lamp"

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LAMB'S TIME ONLINE -10-04-2020

We Can Trust God to Provide our Needs

LAMB'S TIME ONLINE is a video lesson for kids of all ages. There are puppets, a song, a great lesson, and a memory verse. Today's lesson is Jesus at the wedding feast of Cana where he performed his first miracle by turning water into wine.

DON'T FORGET TO DOWNLOAD ACTIVITY SHEETS! Click on the file icon and download or print the sheets.

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