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COMING EVENTS Join Us For Fun, Fellowship, Food, and Bible Study!


Join Us For Fun, Fellowship, Food, and Bible Study!

ANNOUNCEMENTS - Updated 04-05-2020

ALL EVENTS AND SERVICES ARE SUSPENDED THROUGH THE STATE OF EMERGENCY. Although activities have been suspended we are not “closed”. How can you close the body of Christ? CONNECTION MINISTRY: We are asking all members to pray, keep in contact with each other by phone, email, text messages, or mail. Please take the opportunity to encourage and lift each other up. Please let Loren know if there are any needs of our people so that we can try to help.

DRIVE IN CHURCH - Next Sunday is RESURRECTION SUNDAY! We will be having Drive In Church at 11:00am. You will come to church on Easter and find a good spot in the parking lot. Stay in your car and tune your FM radio to 96.5 and enjoy the service. Loren will be preaching from the porch so you can see. It would be great to have a parking lot full. We will be having communion service but you are asked to bring your own emblems from home (grape juice and soda crackers will do). What a blessing to be able to meet even in spite of all this mess caused by the coronavirus (COVID-19).

FACEBOOK LIVE EVENTS: Join us each night at 6:00pm for a 15 minute devotional Bible Study. On Sunday nights at 6:00pm you can join us for our study on the book of Revelation. Sunday School is at 10:00am on Sunday and our worship service is at 11:00am. We are also posting updates, announcements, and reading schedules on our website. All sermons are available on our podcast website.

TITHES AND OFFERINGS: Please send your tithes and offerings to Pat Grubb at 789 Northridge Dr., Boone, NC 28607. You may also drop off your offering at the parsonage or at Mike and Pat’s house. If you have any questions about giving please contact Mike or Pat Grubb by email:
 or by phone at (828) 264-5286.

SINGSPIRATION - New Singspiration Calendar for 2020:

April 26: Elk Park Christian Church

May 31: First Christian Church Boone

June 28:First Christian Church Lenoir

July 26: Newland Christian Church

August 30: Minneapolis Christian Church

September 27: Foscoe Christian Church

October 25: Beaver Creek Christian Church

PHONE TREE - The policy for the phone tree is to activate it for prayer request only upon permission or request of the family and to provide updates as the family provides them. We cannot pass on to you information we do not have or that we have not received permission to share. The administration of the phone tree is through Loren Lung, Ric Kolseth, or Amanda Thompson.

COMMUNION TO THE SHUT-INS - We have suspended communion to the shut-in's until after the State of Emergency.





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